What’s with the name?


left bank” is a magical place for some – a café full of artists, writers, dreamers, bohemians.  A place full of life and promise, beside a river flowing through a jewel of a city.  For us, “left bank” is where progressive organizations seek advice and strategies to raise funds to change the world, to confront animal cruelty, to demand social justice, to obliterate poverty, to silence intolerance, to free the human spirit and to honour Mother Earth.  

left bank was launched outside of Boston in the early 1980s as an audacious act by a semi-desparate entreprenuer. left bank produced The Concert for Nuclear Disarmament, headling with Arlo Guthrie & Jonathan Edwards, to benefit local organizations working on nuclear disarmament.

In 1986, Joe accepted Mal Warwick's suggestion to start The Progressive Group, a telephone

fundraising agency that raised money for very progressive candidates (Congressman Ron Dellums, the late Senator Paul Wellstone et al) & historic causes like President Reagan's Iran-Contra arms for hostages debacle.

Fast-forward almost 10 years & PGI merged with Boston-based Share to become the Share Group. Always seeking a client-positive outcome, Joe/left bank created a partnership with Strategic Communications, a leading Canadian agency, to make fundraising calls to low dollar donors who couldn't be called cost-effectively from the U.S.

In addition to creating new revenue streams for clients, Joe fell in love with Canada . . . and that's another story!



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