left bank charges for direct mail letter writing and we're paid monthly consulting fees for providing fundraising strategies and whatever else it takes to boost your fundraising success.

Find monthly donors, renew lapsed donors, acquire new donors


Finding monthly donors is not rocket science but there are proven methods to build & retain monthly donors -- the ones that give every month for years & years. left bank has been advising groups on how to build monthly donor programs for several decades. We can also show you how to keep the donors you already have.

Effective letter writing


Many smaller organizations have little understanding of how to write effective fundraising copy and how to design an overall direct mail program.  left bank can write your fundraising letters & help you implement a stronger solicitation program by mail -- still one of the important methods to raise money, especially from older donors.

Integrated mail, phone, email plans


Your donors have several channels to make financial contributions. They can send you a check using the USPS. They can call you on the phone or you can call THEM on their phone. You can send them an email or text with active links to your website's DONATION page. You can meet them in person & ask them for a gift face-to-face.  OR, you can do some combination of all of the above.

left bank can help your organization in a variety of ways . . .


  1. improving direct mail letter writing & strategy
  2. implementing a multi-channel fundraising plan, and 
  3. advising on how to build a monthly donor program & acquire new donors.

Services & how left bank consulting can assist your cause

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